About Me

Hey, I'm Ray Mond

Well, well, well, isn’t the universe full of delightful stories? And behind each is a storyteller itching to share it. Enter stage right, yours truly, Ray Mond. A concoction of passion, audacity, and perhaps a touch of madness, I’ve traveled the globe, battled metaphorical dragons, and emerged with tales that are just yearning to be told.

I’ve been many things in my time: an actor, a spandex-donning showman, and a colleague to some of the industry’s most illustrious directors. Yet, amidst the lights and the action, I unearthed a deeper calling—screenwriting. With the ink of three screenplays drying in just six short months, I’m not merely ready, I’m raring to bring the magic of “The Blind Archer” and more to the silver screen.

Author Of The Blind Archer